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Our online store offers a selection of items and religious gifts

souvenir from Lourdes.


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Promo 0.70€

Chapelet fluorescent

Bottle of water

flacon eau de Lourdes avec apparition

Royale 17ml 

flacon eau de Lourdes avec apparition

Goya 30ml 


Bottle of water

Violette 15ml



(2,40 €) 1,92

Tube water from Lourdes

Bottle of water

(3,40 €) 2,70

Medal to Blue enamel with water


Viergin Marie fluo.

 Bouteille d'eau de Lourdes Signac 100 grand émail "Apparition"

Signac 100ml


Goya 100ml

Statut Blessed Virgin


A new label on the bottle indicates that water is drawn from the source from the Grotto at Massabielle. This water is called "miraculous" because it is related to instant cures and is traditionally given to all patients in the hope of a new cure.

We are specialized in the bottle and the bottle with water from Lourdes, candle, holy statue, rosary, medal of Lourdes, cologne and laser block. We certify that the water with which we fill the bottles comes from the grotto where we go on pilgrimage while going light candles as an offering.

Here are the souvenirs from Lourdes the cheapest on the Net.

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Certified bottles filled free with water directly from the Grotto at Massabielle.


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