Our Lady of Lourdes


The apparition of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirou is the birth of this places of reverence. Its représention as to what was described by Bernadette decorates the cave of lourdes. Reproduction in the form of Virgin's statue evokes the hope of cure by the prayer which its dedicaed to her.  We propose you to divide with you the well being which spreads and the souvenir of those we loved.


Luminous Virgin

NEW: Beautiful souvenir.
Fluorescent statue of the Virgin of “Lourdes” of 8 cm.

Bright at night

Weight: kg

Resin Virgin 30 cm

NEW : Beautiful souvenir.
Resin statue of the Virgin of “Lourdes” 30 cm

Weight: kg

White Virgin 11 cm

Beautiful souvenir.
White statue of the plastic Virgin of “Lourdes”11 cm

Weight: kg

Flame of the Apparition

NEW: Beautiful souvenir.
Flame of the Apparition  of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette in the cave -  9x15cm; 13x18cm et 18x24cm

Film "Bernadette"

NEW: film about the life of "Bernadette" de Jean DELANNOY. DVD in 4/3 of 115mn in language  F - I - D - GB - E

film "La passion de Bernadette"

NEW: film " Jean DELANNOY's "La passion de Bernadette".(the life in Nevers). DVD in 4/3 of 106mn in language  F - I - D - GB - E

Film "Lourdes" & "Bernadette"

NEW: film about sanctuaries and places where lived Bernadette. DVD in 4/3 of 120mn in language F - I - D - GB - E